xmlns:og='http://ogp.me/ns#'. The Digibandit: Bill O'Reilly Has Sex With Manatee In Florida River

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Bill O'Reilly Has Sex With Manatee In Florida River

A fisherman who was walking along the banks of the Manatee river in central Florida wandered onto the secluded estate where Bill O'reilly was vacationing. Irving Mandelbaum, a resident of nearbye Bumfuck Rapids,said; "I heard strange sounds coming from the river up ahead -- wild moaning and a lot of splashing and when i came around the bend i could hardly believe my eyes! -- There in the middle of a shallow pool in the river was Mr. O'Reilly butt humping a large Manatee!"

Mr. Mandelbaum told the bandit reporter that he was aware that the Manatee's are gentle creatures and also endangered and he could plainly see that the Manatee which Bill O'reilly was raping and sodomizing was in great distress. "O'Reilly kept trying to kiss it and he was pulling on it's whiskers as he thrust into her , and the Manatee was crying out and O'Reilly kept screaming -- "Shut up you Manatee bitch!' -- so i called the local game warden."

Ranger Elmer Woodcock said; "The saddest thing of all is that the Manatee turned out to be a young male -- this may be the first recorded incidence of male to male sex betweeen a human and a Manatee." He continued; "O'Reilly's close friend Rush Limbaugh, a frequent visitor to his estate,was caught red handed humping a female Manatee last summer during the manatee mating season; but was let off with a warning because he was blitzed on Oxycotin and agreed to enter rehab."

"So this Manatee humping thing on O'reilly's river property been going on for quite some time?", asked the reporter. "Sure has!" said the Ranger; "we have picked up almost a dozen of these sensitive creatures,dazed and disoriented, and swimming around O'Reilly's property -- and we think several are pregnant with his and Limbaughs babies."

Bill O'reilly and Rush Limbaugh could not be reached for comment --seems thay are really quiet when it comes to their strangely non-conservative sex lives.