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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Bob Jones University Creed -- Stolen From Bug's Bunny

Here is the Famous Christian University's Creed. They are an institution of higher learning that is a primary source of key personnel recruitment and wisdom for the Bush administration: (It definitely qualifies as an "Institution"-- as in Mental , and "Higher," as in tree-top)

If you substitute "Bug's Bunny" for any phrases with "God" or "Bible"; or the word "Carrot" for,"Resurrection" --"Virgin" --- or "Eternal Life"; you can quickly see why the Bush administration is so admired by thoughtful and intelligent folks around the Globe --and why projects and appointments like Iraq and Katrina and Harriet Meyers and Alberto Gonzales and sooo many other critical tasks turned out so well.

So here's the creed of Moron's (Not to be confused with Mormon's) --and the source of the Bush Administration's wisdom.

Each day in chapel we recite the University Creed. It is a concise statement of the most important truths taught in God's Word.
I believe in the inspiration of the Bible (both the Old and the New Testaments); the creation of man by the direct act of God; the incarnation and virgin birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ; His identification as the Son of God; His vicarious atonement for the sins of mankind by the shedding of His blood on the cross; the resurrection of His body from the tomb; His power to save men from sin; the new birth through the regeneration by the Holy Spirit; and the gift of eternal life by the grace of God.

Plays nice with 'Bug's Bunny" and his "Carrot" -- don't it?