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Monday, April 02, 2007

Pope Does Not Believe In God Say's Priest

The Pope was overheard speaking to his assistant ,Cardinal Martini Bormano,by a young Priest who revealed the astonishing conversation to our Vatican reporter Mario Fanguli.

He said; “The Pope when questioned by the Cardinal about taking a strong moral stand and expressing outrage at the slaughter of innocents in Iraq got quite worked up and told him.” -- “You shutta your fuckina face -- you saw how crazy those murdering Muslim bastards gotta when I criticized them. Do you think I wanta to be traveling along on the Popamobile and be blown to bitsa --you fucking moron!”

“But your Holiness” the Cardinal then replied; “What about the moral authority of the Church,and if you are blowna to bitsa you will surely go straighta to be with Goda and Jesus in heaven for all Eternity.”

The Pope replied,said the the young Priest, “And I could hardly believea my ears.” He said, “Are you a fuckina crazy Martini?” he went on, “ If the Churcha remaind silent while the Nazi’s slaughtered six milliona Kikas, do you think I’ma gonna geta blown to shit over a few desert niggers? -- and,do you thinka I buy all that bullshita about the Saviour and Heaven and a Santa Clausa God with a a biga white beard -- do I look like a fucking idiot?”

He continued as the shocked Cardinal wept like a baby; “Stopa you blubbering you faggot -- I knowa whata you do with those little Altar boys -- so donta preacha to me while you are cornholing halfa the Vatican! -- hey it’s a nice fairy tale ( oopsa a pun) all this Bible bullshit, but itsa definitely not worth getting blowna to bitsa over.”
The Cardinal shot himself and that’s show business.