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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Bush Announces Illegal Mexican Army Plan for Iraq

The Bandit has learned that President Bush will announce , on his weekly radio address, that he plans to offer one-hundred and fifty thousand illegal aliens full amnesty if they agree to serve one year on the front lines in Iraq -- he stated:"Mexicans are great fighters -- look at Macho Camacho and Oscar De La Hoya for example; they are fast and tough and they don't eat much and love hot weather -- perfect for Iraq"

"I'm calling for the formation of --'Tres Divisiones De Ilegales '(three divisions of illegals for you Gringos - heh! heh!)" said Bush -- "And VP Cheney has given this plan a great name -- " Operation Landscapers."

The President continued; "Our Mexican illegals want to show us that they are ready to kill to become US citizens --and here's their chance to show us what they can do without killing us gringos --heh heh" The landscaper divisions will be under the command of general Francisco (speedy) Gonzalez -- a cousin of Alberto Gonzales who may soon be joining the general in Iraq.

"When the illegals are not killing terrorists they will be employed in landscaping the American green zone and the homes of Iraqi government officials -- so they will not lose the basic job skills they will need, if they are not killed in combat operations. -- That is an example of my compassionate conservatism the Democrats are always poo -pooing -- especially that cunt Nancy Pelosi!" --he concluded.