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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Muslim Extremism Due To Lack OFCelebrities -- Says New Study

Doctor Menschel Weintraub, director of social neuroscience at the Institute For The Study Of Social Dystopia, in West Hollywood , California, announced: "We have compelling evidence that Arab Muslims are suffering significant mental trauma from a complete lack of "Celebrity" in their culture!"

"And we are not talking about their worshiping human throwbacks like the Ayatolah Khomeini -- or other such tyrants -- as replacements for Victoria Beckham or Paris Hilton or Lyndsay Lohan -- who keep America's masses distracted from their pitiful lives."

He continued; "If you basically dislike your work and wife and even yourself, and if life basically sucks ; -- Is a picture on your living room wall of an angry old smelly Mullah going to relieve your distress?"

"Nope -- the Romans knew exactly how to relieve the ignorant masses from their anxiety -- extreme sports and extreme violence and extreme displays of pussy! And just to insure that no one got to focused on the shit of their daily lives -- they always had plenty of booze available and lot's of military conquests going on."

"If the masses of ignorant American's did not have their celebrities they would be in fucking misery --And that's with all the bling and gadgets and shit food and all the other mindless diversions to which they have access and persue like commercial gluttons."

He continued; "Now the Arab extremists haven't had a cultural success story in over a thousand years. They are broke - exploited by their own leaders -- have no clue about pussy -- virtually no art or literature -- their TV and sports are a joke -- zero laughs -- drink fourteen cups of coffee a day -- no air conditioning -- no booze or drugs - food sucks and they have been totally marginalized militarily. ( and down deep they know we will kill them all, like cockroaches, when they piss us off enough) -- And they have NO celebrities."

Doctor Weintraub concluded; "So -- until you see a Muslim counterpart to Victoria Beckham shaking her skinny ass at The Dome of The Rock with a million Arabs screaming -- "Al matakbe valatka Mossho vlantash pooshhee ! poosshee! pooshees!" ( which means sit on my beard you hot sandy pussy in Arabic) -- the violence will continue