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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Common Folks Are Just Jerks To These Rich Scum Bags _ Vote Edwards

"All of the old-timers knew that subprime mortgages were what we called neutron loans — they killed the people and left the houses. The deals made in 2005 and 2006 were going to run into trouble because the credit pendulum at the time was stuck at easy."LOUIS S. BARNES, a partner at Boulder West, a mortgage banking firm

let's stop kidding ourselves! -- Even the glorious founders of our Republic didn't think the great unwashed masses were worth shit --no property no vote -women no vote -- slaves - no problema --income tax --are you kidding --everybody pays on goods and services (rich and poor alike -the same)

Hey-there ain't any better place to go -- so how about you all take time out from using your maxed out credit cards and buying some more shit you don't need - just to get away from your fucked up exploited lives --or from watching some crappy TV show -and vote for John Edwards.

He's an asshole too --but he is betting his political future on being the candidate for us poor and manipulated schmucks.

Or do you want to go on being sold "neutron loans" from people who laugh at you all the way to the bank --smoking twenty dollar cigars at their country clubs.

And if your worrried about security -- Al Quaeda is still laughing at how pitiful our intelligence resources are --we still have about five people who can speak Arabic at the CIA because they are kinda hard to find among Religious Conservatives (a prerequisite for any hiring by the Bushhies)

If you don't care -if your not pissed -- fuck you all --you deserve getting it up your collective assholes by the power brokers!