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Monday, August 20, 2007

Vick Pleads Guilty To Hanging And Drowning Dogs

The following is the original bandit exclusive on Michael Vick on July 26th - and they call dogs animals?

Michael Vick Eats Pit Bull Balls For His Small Dick
The Atlanta Falcons quarterback "Has the smallest dick I've has ever seen on a black man" - said Twinky Latifa, Mchael Vick's ex lover.She told the bandit's sports reporter Elise Goldenbaum: "He's a vicious psychopath who loves to hurt innocent creatures, and especially dogs!"Why? asked Elise -- he has every thing going for him it would seem? "So what that he is a great athlete? -- he's real good at professional violence, but what he really loves is extreme sadism.

He was born with a tiny cock and he can't please a woman -- and it drives him crazy!"Twinky continued; "When he was a young boy his grandmother told him if he ate the balls of pit bulls his cock would grow big and strong. Well his cock didn't grow and now he's all messed up -- and he blames the dogs.""He don't stop trying though -- Sometimes he would eat a whole platter of pit bull nuts before we had sex; but when his tiny dick didn't grow he would run out to the barn and do horrible things to them poor animals"

Twinky concluded; "He needs to be locked up somewhere before he directs his rage at some innocent person!"Elise tried to get some reaction from his fellow athletes about the size of his cock, but all they would do is smile and laugh.