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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Fox Announces Penile Dysfunction 911

Coming on the heels of the successful "Nannies 911" and "Neighbors 911" - the hit reality shows produced by Granada Entertainment; Fox TV's master of cultural enlightenment through family friendly TV -- Mike "darling" Darnell -- announced today:

"Penile Dysfunction 911" - will provide a valuable outreach function to millions of American families who are severely impacted by this horrible problem --he continued; "When the man of the house can't get it up everyone in the household is down"

Mike went on; "The frustration permeates the whole family as an aura of negativity doom and sometimes even violent behavior sets in -and of course there's the infidelity that arises from the little woman reaching out elsewhere for the "high hard one" (to coin a baseball metaphor) that she can't get at home."

"Our team of clinical psychiatrists and psychologists and family social workers will be prepared to employ the best therapeutic and drug therapy available in today's arsenal of modern medicine - to tackle the problem.'

"And --we will have the " 911 love van " stocked with six women who make the Victoria Secret models look like boys and know a few things about waking up the old one eyed monstor - and if they can make a Hollywood executive with an eightball and a quart of Remy in his blood stream rise to the occasion - your average penile impaired male should be - no problema"

He concluded; "And if we can't jumpstart the dude? Well then the whole family gets an all expense paid vacation to the " World Penile Dysfunction Clinic" in Basil Switzerland and the little woman gets three month's of guaranteed orgasms -- and an all expense paid divorce."

"Now that's what i call a fair deal and great Television!"