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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Senator Larry Craig Vsits "Broke Back Mountain"

"Yup -- we sure was surprised to find out that a good old boy like Senator Larry was getting a dick stuck up his ass when we thought he was either trout fishin or workin hard for us up in the Senate;" said Clem Spivey holding court down at the Old Buck tavern in Spuds, Idaho; a town of six hundred, mostly farmers, not far from where their beloved and respected Senator grew up.

Yep -- the news had broken like an Idaho thunder storm!

"Then came his arrest in June in a Minneapolis airport men's room, where the police had been watching for homosexual activity. The police said Mr. Craig had used foot-tapping to signal his interest in lewd activity, touched the foot of an officer in adjoining stall with his own and reached under the barrier between the stalls."

Marv Goldbloom sipped on his beer and said;"You know --when are as dumb honest hard working schmucks gonna wake up and realize that the biggest hypocrites are men who go around saying how pissed off God is with folks fornicating and getting abortions and cheating on their wives."

He went on; "It's always the preachers and power perverted politicians and repressed priests and loudmouth right wingers like Limbaugh and phony evangelists like Pat Robertson and make believe journalists like Bill Oreilly and self appointed tough guys like Giuliani -- oh hell guys - they are all so full of shit and venom -- and they'd all fuck a pig if no one was a watching."

"You're right Marv!" said Boyd Holcum a strapping potatoe farmer. "And hell-- i hate them pinko lefty liberals in the media! -- But goddam if we would find out shit about this crop of freaks we got a runnin the country if they wasn't always pokin their Jew noses around all the time."

"I hope ole Senator Larry gets a flat tire out on mule road some dark night when i'm around." said Merkel Hammy - the bartender.

Remember that flashback scene in "Broke Back Mountain" where they caved in that queers head and ripped his cock off?"

Broke-back Larry -- the Spud Stud!