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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Bush Declares " Total Retribution " When We Get Hit

"Things are sure looking grim out there." said a deeply concerned George W Bush after getting off the phone with German Chancellor Angela Merkel about the aborted terrorist attack in Germany.

"Angie is a sweetheart and a brilliant and enlightened leader but don't forget she's still one tough Kraut!" said the president, "And the German people and their leaders have been really sensitive about their Muslim situation: But if they get pushed too far those old baking ovens they used in World War Two might just get fired up again -- only it will be baked Muslim extremists this time around!

"With the near misses in Denmark and Germany this week it's crystal clear that sooner or later they are gonna hit us real bad!"

"So -- it is now time to ask ourselves what we can do to payback anyone who is not playing ball in this zero sum game of mindless slaughter -- to decide what our next day response to an attack will be when all we will know is that it came from a specific group like Al Qaeda (or whomever) but we don't know where to specifically retaliate - and every descent American is out there screaming for blood!":"

"Well i am saying right now -- upfront -- that when the slaughter takes place and countless Americans are dead and dying -- here is the very least that you can expect from us -- and unfortunately a lot of innocent bystanders are going to get hurt --it is now raw survival time --big time"

"Here's an example -- in remote areas where we have a general idea that terrorist groups are enjoying safe havens, but we don't know the specific location of their camps -- maybe it's limited nuclear response time!'

"Here's another -- any remote link we find between a political leader or group that has nurtured the Intifada on any level, will be immediately targeted for assassination or general destruction!"

"large scale detentions of Muslims worldwide will be necessary as a part of this Draconian but necessary response - and hopefully (ultimately) will promote a zero tolerance attitude toward extreme fundamentalism by moderate Muslims. Religious and political leaders and the general Muslim population will no longer have the luxury of the sideline!"

" You know -- We wrongfully interned the Japanese population of the USA after Pearl Harbor due to misguided hysteria -- can you imagine what the American people are going to be crying out for after they are ravaged in a massive terrorist attack -- i seriously hope Muslim leaders get the message before it's too late"

The President concluded ;"The gloves are going to come off - and we might just as well let the world know that we are through fucking around -- because sure as shit we are going to get hit hard - and we are not going to worry about being one hundred percent rational in our response -- because we will be blind with rage -- and we have a lot of weight to throw around -- and the liberals will be hiding under the covers,while the most dangerous and powerful humans on Earth start breaking furniture like drunken cowboys on a Saturday night -- worldwide -- with big bombs!"

"Get ready!" --"Oh and i don't want to hear that that this is just what Al Qaeda wants us to do -- because they want a united worldwide Intifada against us Infidels - and they would love us to go berserk"

"We'll just see how many Muslims around the world want to get into paradise by slaughtering innocent men women and children for bullshit --- bring em on!"