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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

"Kid's Nation"Kid's Families Were Threatened By CBS

Six kids from the controversial CBS reality show "Kids Nation" came forward today and told federal investigators that when they tried to leave the production because of the horrible work conditions -- a producer threatened to have their families killed!

Ghen Maynurd,head of CBS reality programming has been under immense pressure about the Kid's treatment on this show; which is being shot in New Mexico under extreme conditions , as the Kid's attempt to rebuild a ghost town.

Jimmy Winkle and Esther Schwartsblum: two of the kids who rebelled against the production and led a group that wanted out of it said today; "We packed our bags and started to leave when three security men armed with AK47's marched into our tent and forced us into a shed -- about three hours later a masked man who we are sure was Louis B Mayer Jr. (the line producer) came in and threatened us!"

He said; "You little spoiled kikes ain't gonna ruin my career and cost CBS millions of dollars! -- Now you immediately go back to work or your families might not be there when you get home."

Winkle and Schwartzblum continued: "Thank god a kind cameraman sneaked us a cellphone and we were able to call for help and get the rest of our gang out of there!"

Asked about the remaining kids on the production they said; "They are all drugged up and scared shitless to leave -- maybe now everything will work out ok?"

Mr. Maynurd could not be reached for comment, but the word on the street is that advertisers are begging to get into the show. With all this dynamite publicity it's sure to be a big hit.

Well that's showbiz!