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Friday, September 28, 2007

Paris Hilton Wants To Hump King Kong To Death

"Paris Hilton is full of baloney!" a close male friend of hers told the bandit Hollywood reporter,Elise Mandelbaum yesterday, at his home in Malibu. -- "The only reason she wants to go to Rwanda is because they have a large population of silver-back mountain Gorillas there; -- and she told me she wants to fuck one of them!"

He was responding to news reports that Hilton had told the press she was going there on a humanitarian mission - as follows:

"The hotel heiress - who vowed to better herself after serving 23 days in jail for driving offences in June - hopes to use her fame to draw attention to the plight of the war-torn African country.
Paris, 26, told E! Online: "I'll be going in November, after I get back from filming my movie. "There's so much need in that area, and I feel like if I go, it will bring more attention to what people can do to help.
"I want to visit more countries where poverty and children's issues are a big concern. "I know there's a lot of good I can do just by getting involved and bringing attention to these issues."

Paris' ex boyfriend continued; "She and i went to see the King Kong movie -- you know, the Peter Jackson extravaganza -and in the scenes where Kong and Naomi Watts are getting lovey dovey Paris went wild!"

"She started to moan and sweat and quiver all over and she grabbed my crotch and practically dragged me into the ladies room. We did it and i had to stuff toilet paper in her mouth because she kept screaming -- "Fuck me Kong! --Fuck me Kong! -and i was sure we would be arrested!"
He went on; "She plays the movie over and over in her private screening room and she has men dress up in Gorilla outfits and --well you get the picture.!" --"Anyway, about a month ago she told me that she was going to make up this humanitarian ("bullshit") angle to look good in the press after all her psycho behavior; and when she got to Rwanda she was going to travel with professional bush guides to the rain forest to find a huge silver-back mountain Gorilla."

"And then what?" asked our reporter. -- to which he replied; "And then what? Well - Paris told me -- she was going to fuck King Kong --to death!"

I certainly hope they get that on tape -- it would get one hundred million hits on You Tube!