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Saturday, September 22, 2007

More Proof That Rudy Is Dominated By His Bitchy Wife

The bandit has already posted about Rudy's Wife from hell Judith Nathan Giuliani -- excerpts herewith:

"The third Mrs. Giuliani is a former saleswoman for surgical staplers — a profession that involves demonstrations of how well the product works during unnecessary surgery on dogs.The Giuliani campaign has dodged the question of whether Judith Nathan Giuliani ever was involved in this kind of activity, which usually ends badly for the dog in question."

We also recounted in a prior post the article, by Judy Bachrach that accuses Mrs. Giuliani of everything from demanding a separate airplane seat for her handbag to putting her husband in harm’s way by forcing him to retrieve a bag of health bars from the hotel during a security lockdown." -- NY Times Editorial 8-2-07.

So- do we want a man who marries a women who probably belongs in a mental institution -- to be walking around with a suitcase with nuclear attack codes in it?

Oh and here's a report from the NRA convention Rudy Giuliani was attending this week (following in John Kerry's ill-fated attemps to come across as a good old boy)

"To the amazement of the audience, he interrupted his speech to have a lovey-dovey chat with Judi, who was about to get on a plane back from London.
After telling her that he was talking to the N.R.A. — a big speech that you would imagine she would know about, and not want to interrupt — he asked if she wanted to give a shout out to the gun-lovers and then paused while she spoke to him."

"After saying “I love you” twice and signing off with another “dear,” he joked to the audience that he would have been in trouble if he hadn’t taken the call, noting that “this is one of the great blessings of the modern age, being always available."

Oh my God - are you puking yet - what a pussy asshole -- can't you just see it! -- President Giuliani is in a Homeland security meeting and that cunt calls him and he say's "I'm so sorry but i have to take that call - I'll get back to you about going to an Orange alert --she's overtired from all her shopping and boy am i in for it if i don't kiss her ass right away!"

Hey - no joke - this guy is a weak dangerous phony!