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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Answer These Questions If You've Got The Grapes

"Asking the important questions — not
So CNN chose which questions would be asked in the Republican debate last night. And guess what: not one question about health care, the central domestic issue for this election.
They did, however, include a question about putting a man on Mars"

So said the NYTimes -- So i guess I'll just have to submit another list of the Digibandit's key questions -and judging from your reactions to my prior blog on this subject -- i really struck a chord with my tens of thousands of loyal and bright readers -- so here's round two:

What is the most critical issue that you have ever changed your mind about after careful deliberation? (elaborate)

If you found your adult son or daughter performing oral sex on a minor what would you do?

If you were assassinated during your Presidency would you want your wife to remarry?

Have you ever been intimate with a minority (including a Jew)?

Do you believe that killing over two-hundred thousand Iraqi civilians and displacing four million was justified in a moral, means /ends equation?

How many times in the past month did you have sex (from all sources)?

Do you think that Allah is on an equally Godly footing with Yaweh? (Buddha? - Krishna? -- The Tooth Fairy?)

What is your favorite charity?

If your wife or daughter were gang raped by Hasidic Jews would you allow them to have an abortion? (by Blacks? - Hispanics?)

Do you believe that vibrators can be an effective source of sexual stimulation? (does the Mrs. indulge?)

Has a minority ever been a guest in your home (who and when?)

Have you ever killed a wild animal? (why?)

Are any of your children taking prescription anti-depressants?

Do you believe that Ahmadinejad is a normal human being? (Hugo Chavez?)

More to come!