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Friday, December 14, 2007

Rush Limbaugh Endorses Barak Obama - Says Jesus Made Him Do It!

"Nobody really cares about Oprah Winfrey endorsing a black candidate - Obama owns that vote out of the box and anyone with half a brain can see she has the hots for him - I'm sure she had an orgasm during the endorsement ceremony. (maybe two);" said Rush Limbaugh in his extraordinary statement of support for Obama.

Bandit political reporter Elise Muffkowitz asked Limbaugh for an explanation and he replied;"He just cracks me up - i mean the guy kills me - he has a great sense of humor and i love his wife and the fact that he has such an interesting background and that he was honest about being a druggy in college - and that he has no experience or creds that would prepare him for the job as we know it."

"But Mr. limbaugh",asked Elise, - " You hate democrats and also, basically, black people - dontcha?"

Rush replied. "C'mon Muffky, you don't really believe he's black do ya? -- and besides, i had an epiphany last week!"

He continued, "I was saying my nightly prayers and suddenly Jesus Christ appeared in front of me! At first i thought it was the Oxycotin or maybe Bill O'Reilly playing one of his practical jokes (like the time he brought a sheep into my kitchen and was fucking it when i came home) - but it WAS Jesus and he said...."

"Rush - you have done some important work for Pops and me, but this is your most important assignment -- we cannot allow that viscious cunt Hillary to be elected President - the only way to stop her is for you to bring all the rednecks over to Oblama - we know it's gonna hurt - but that's the way Pops want's it."

"Of Course my Lord! - Oh, and i think his name is Obama not Oblama" i replied to Jesus -and he said the following and disappeared in a cloud of dust - like the Lone Ranger"

"Don't nitpick with me Rush - Oblama -Oblamama - Obadama - none of them African names are in the Bible so who gives a shit?"

"Anyway -I'm for Obama and you all better be too!"