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Sunday, January 06, 2008

Mike Huckleberry To heal Lame In New Hampshire

With the Christian extremists in new Hampshire pleading for some sign of revelation from Minister Huckleberry - he announced today:

"I have been trying not to show off my healing powers during the campaign - but last night The Lord said that he and Jesus agreed that in the interests of getting me elected as President, - I now had a green light to heal some lame Hampshirian's"

.""I told the Lord that most of the folks in New Hampshire were already lame - he said to choose a half dozen of the lamest"

"I hope no one will think I'm showing off, but since God and Jesus say it's the right thing to do - i just have to go along with their plan and hope for the best."

"I asked the Lord if it was okay for me to also heal my very fucked up son - but he said not to waste my time and that i had fucked him up so bad he couldn't be saved"

I get the feelin that God is a dog lover. = And for those of you who have been too busy shopping for more shit you don't need -- Google it up and read all about David Hucklebeebrry. Ole Huckleberry raised a real winner here.(a dog torturer and was recently caught with a handgun going through airport security)

I guess Davey boy musta missed the Sermon On the Mount part of the Bible - like most Christians.