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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

AIG Played By The Rules - Unlike Most Everybody Else

With the peasants stalking the streets with pitch forks and torches - looking for financial Frankensteins in every nook and corner -they should take a deep breath and focus on who is really to blame for our financial system turning into a Wall street version of Caesar's Palace.

The White House -The Congress - the Treasury Department - the Federal reserve - The lenders - Moody's and Standard and Poors and regulators and most of the press - yadadadada - it wasn't those high powered folks at AIG who just played the hand that was dealt them - and they played it by the book -(or i assume they would be arrested by now)

They made compensation agreements - and they should be paid!

Hey - uncle Sam is not bailing them out because he's a supportive avuncular relative - we fucking have to - there's over two hundred dollars in derivatives floating around out there!

Chuck Grassly wants them all to commit suicide? - Great - right after congress passes out the poisoned kool aid and does it's warranted imitation of the Jim Jones clan in Guayana. -for their collective role in this monstrous financial fiasco.

Hey -it's so simple - the investment and political class has basically no idea of what's happening in working class America until the shit hits the fan - never has - never will!

Anybody who sat in some local shitty watering hole across America - during the past eight years and listened to the chat knew that America had turned into a fucking consumer version of a las Vegas casino

Buy Buy Buy - forget health insurance - get some more stuff - save nothing - what if the shit hits the fan? - hahaha - i'll borrow some more on my house and credit cards -- hahaha - have another beer -yahaha - yodedodo ...

And the upper class has no fucking clue - the brainy financial wizards don't give a shit - their working on the vig - they get a piece of the action - just keep the action going like a successful Casino does.

Only in Vegas they don't lend the moola to buy the chips - sooooo -just think about a mere one million people going south on three hundred thousand dollar mortgages. - And when the housing bubble goes pop (for a very minor example) -and - oops- there goes three hundred trillion in funny money.

Game Over!

And they didn't see it coming! -How fucking out of touch can you be! - I mean the average schmuck can't balance his checking account - but our "Royalty" is supposed to sound the alarm - but they were oblivious and rollin in the do re mi.

Yeah - just like Louie and Marie before the French Revolution - only in America - as usual - wer'e chopping off the wrong heads.

Oh -and now when the shit hits the fan - nobody's got what the old post depression crowd used to call "Fuck You Money" in the bank to hold them over -just in case.

And - i repeat - nobody who was supposed to sound warning bells about that kind of shit was paying attention - they were too busy rolling the dice - and playing partisan politics. (Just like Obama is doing now -over this AIG stupidity)

So blame your greedy fucking stupid selves - and your lawmakers and regulators - not AIG - they were just doing what they were supposed to do and messed up - so fire them!

But no! -The peasants are really pissed - so give em what they need - more bullshit.

It's a lot easier than calling it straight.