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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

AIG Trader Captured By the "One Eyed Video Cam Hooker"

Top AIG trader Moishe Pipick was in las Vegas on his bonus spending spree.

He bought a brand new canary yellow Ferrari - drove over to his fifteen thousand dollar a night Emperor’s Suite at the Trump Palace – and promptly called a five thousand dollar an hour hooker –AKA Elise Mandelbaum,

But unbeknownst to Mr. Pipick - he was about to get fucked AND videotaped by the famous documentarian with the prosthetic eye-cam - AKA “The One Eyed Video Cam Hooker.”

So –now we have a top tier AIG derivatives swap trader swapping his pecker with a georgeous hooker with a camera in her eye – and telling ALL.

“What’s all the fuss about my four million dollar bonus? Come on! – I earn one thousand dollars a second in a BAD week – the average schmuck earns maybe twenty CENTS a second,

And you know why? – Because the amount of moola that I move around the world in a week - would take nine thousand workers at Wal Mart a lifetime to generate!

I’m a fucking talented genius – I work under incredible pressure – and it’s not my fault that the fucking bubble burst! –I live WITHIN my means –not like all those fucking spend and shop losers out there – defaulting on all their obligations.

And hey – I have a signes contract –what is this Russia? –You just make up the rules as you go along to suit the State and appease the ignorant peasants when they get really pissed off?

Oh – hey – and have you seen any of us AIG traders interviewed by the press? – No No No - Dontch'a think someone ought to tell our side of the story?

Well – What Moishe Pipick doesn’t know is – as he ordered up another bottle of Dom Perignon and three ounces of Beluga Caviar :

That he just did! – While getting a blow job from “The One –Eyed VideoCam Hooker”

We’ll keep an eye out for you!