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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Pope Benedick Announces "Erection Testing" For Priests

It's finally getting through to the Vatican that an extremely high percentage of Priests look at Altar Boys like i look at Cameron Diaz.

And - that they have raped tens of thousands of young defenseless boys and children - who are emotinally scarred for life - is now well documented.

Personally - i think all priests should be castrated when taking their final vows - but at least the "Erection Test" is a start.

"From nowa on - starting with all men entering the seminery - they will be lined uppa -and a younga beautiful young man - wearing slinky underwear - will be paraded in front of them - and if any of them getsa an erection -- he issa eliminated immediately." said the Pope.

He continued;"I gotta this idea from Mel Brooks' movie "Itsa Madda Madda World" - where they testa to see iffa Gregory Hines issa really a eunich by having some hotta pussy dance around him with her titsa hanging outa -and boy does he get a huge erection -- hmmmm - oboya!"

"Anda i'm a thinkina that - hey - any future Altar boy butt humping Priesta - is sure fire to get an erection iffa we reverse engineer that Mel Brooksa tricka."

"So being a clever Popa - i put in the "Erection Testa" -And -soona we gonna also give all existing Priests the same testa - and ifa they fail - and becausa they are already in the order - we giva them the optiona to have their nutsa cut offa! (or leava)"

Melissa mandelbaum the digibandit Vatican reporter asked the Popa (sorry the Pope) "Your eminence - are you going to also be erection tested?"

"No waya Melissa - but thatsa gooda question - but itsa kinda like asking Goda to be erectiona tested -don'ta you thinka?"

"Actually i think god would fail" answered Melissa.

Hmmmm - fooda for thoughta?