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Monday, June 15, 2009

Sarah Palin Wants To Suck "Letterman's Popsicle"

Sarah Palin confided to her Inuit (Eskimo) house keeper that "He's (letterman) a real cutie -and i wouldn't mind sucking his popsickle" - said Linda Snofart who recently quit working for Palin because 'Tod kept grabbing my ass!"

Snofart told us: "She's a cheap ignorant phony cunt - all us Eskimos said we would move back onto the ice if she had been elected Vice President - And if it weren't for her good looks and for fucking half of Alaska - she couldn't get a job shoveling Reindeer shit!"

Snofart continued; " I mean just listen to Obama and the folks around him - and then just listen to that stupid cunt - and - i mean - am i crazy or somethin?"

"I mean- the whole fucking Palin clan is outa their fruit fucking minds! - I mean you gotta be kidding - But -- the good thing is - When them Republicans come out rootin for an asshole like Sarah Palin - folks see them for what they are"

"Redneck angry - ignorant - minority and injun hating - motha fuckers!"

Whoa - you go Snowfart!