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Monday, August 03, 2009

Fox Tv Announces '"The Desperate Green Housewives of Malibu CA."

Morty Schlocker Prexy of Fox original programming announced today:

Well with all the " 'Desperate'shtupping and cheating and lying and drinking and drugging going on all over televsion - i mean why not the Desperate Housewives of Williamsburg in Brooklyn NYC already? -They could show Hasidic housewives shtupping their brains out while the Rebbes are off in the jewelry exchange cheating the goyim."

"But i digress! - We at Fox are commited to quality cutting edge programming - So - in - 'The Desperate Green Housewives of Malibu
.CA.' - We will observe these filthy rich bored women party and screw around on their wimpy desperately rich lalaland husbands -But - with a new and positive socio-cultural approach."

" He said; " All the action will be "Green"! - Green cars and energy efficient homes and macro dining and even green cocktails"

"This will be totally environmentally safe and energy efficient fucking around!" -said President Schlocker.

"Can you give us an example?" - asked Lisa Mandelbaum -the digibandit Hollywood bureau chief.

"Oh yes - definitely!" he said; "In one scene the young Malibu desperate housewife is giving a cocktail party reception for her much older husband (a famous movie director) and she slips down to the pool cabana with Hector the pool and landscape manager for their estate."

"And" -he went on; "While Hector is banging the shit out of her while she's laying over the cabana railing we see a shot of the solar panels next to the pool."

'That's green?" asked Mandelbaum.

He replied; "Yeah - don't you get it? The pool is heated with solar energy - It's green! - Dontcha fucking get it Lisa?"

Our reporter replied: " Maybe Hector should have a green dick?"

Schlocker exclaimed; "Hey -that's great - right on - Maybe a green condom? - Excuse me - I gotta call the producer!"