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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Ball Breaking Endangering National Security

Dr.Moishe Pipick -head biologist at The World
Biology Research Institute in Berne,Switzerland -announced today

":The size of male Gonads (balls) has been shrinking steadily in the major world democracies -especially in the USA - for two decades -and the diminished testosterone levels in men is now at a critical level"

Elise Mandelbaum -digibandit healthand science editor asked Dr. Pipick" What are the main causes of the Gonad shrinkage?

"First and foremost it is the increasing aggression in female behavior which is reversing Darwinian protocals in male development - and the commensurrate insecurity among men about their historical genealogical roles."

"So in plain English Doctor Pipick?" said Mandelbaum.

He replied; "Men are losing their balls because of female intimidation -nagging and general ball breaking behavior"

"And how does this impact on our national security in the USA?"

DR. Pipick responded; "Well -for one thing the military -and especially at the fighting man level is becoming less dynamic -especially when facing an enemy like the fascist moslems who have no concept of taking ANY crapola from a woman"

He continued; "Our studies show that Arab men have gonads that are .o567 centimeters larger than an American male -which translates into an 18 percent testosterone advantage"

"In simple terms - modern women are squeazing the grape (ball) juice out of modern men -and turning them into fucking wimps!"

Mandelbaum replied: "Iv'e noticed that with my husband Manny -is there any thing we women can do?".

Pipick answered "Stop breaking balls and nagging and acting cunty"