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Saturday, December 05, 2009

Nancy Pelosi Say's Hot Sex Is Positive Relief For Congress

House Chairwoman -Nancy Pelosi told digibandit White House Bureau Chief -Elise Mandelbaum:

"Look - these guys are besieged by hot pussy night and day -and with all the pressures that a guy like my friend Max Bauchus is under - especially fighting with those redneck Republicans over health care Reform ---- Who cares about him having a little fun with some hot chick?"

'But Madame Speaker" responded Ms. Mandelbaum "Would you have an affair with a young Congressional employee?"

Pelosi responded; "I should be so lucky - i didn't have these big Jugs of mine fixed so i could fuck some alta cocker in the Senate!"

"But what about your husband?" asked Mandelbaum-to which Pelosi answered:

"Look -My husband is a good looking multi-millionaire -with a big ego -And - he's probably going down on some young bimbo in his limo as we speak"

She went on; "Hey - it will be a very positive sign of women's political evolution when we start hearing about all the young cock they're getting up on Capitol Hill - Why should the old farts have all the fun -and the wonderful emotional release from all the bullshit we go through on a daily basis?"

Mandelbaum responded; 'But what about American's conservative values -and the Religious Right?"

" She concluded - are you kidding me -the biggest whoremasters on earth are those phony bible belters - fuckem all! -They are worthless!"

"I'm with you Madam Chairwoman"