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Saturday, December 05, 2009

EVERY Great Congressman Fucks Around -Face It!

They have power and money and influence and are married to mostly mature(older) women who they wish would not show up in their bedrooms (however infrequently)

They are surrounded by young hot (smart and exciting) gals who would like nothing more than to give them a great blow job under their desks at a moments notice -regardless of how fat and ugly they are.

Any man with enough drive and intellect and some testosterone left in his gonads will jump on these opportunities.

The ones that won't are not capable of dealing with the other maniacs they have to wrestle
with to help all of US survive.

Or - they are fucking some young male page in the Senate Cloakroom.

Personally i believe their should be a Congressional Harem - kinda like the Roman's had for their gladiators.

So the next time you read about a Max Bauchus humping some chic in his limo - rest assured it's good for all of us!

Who want's a horny Congressman or Senator fighting for our rights as descent folks just trying to make it through the night with our old worn out hags.

They're just doing what we would do in a heartbeat just for pleasure -WITHOUT helping the Country out in the process.


Senator Baucus Reveals Relationship With Woman He Nominated, A.P. Reports

A spokesman for Senator Max Baucus said the Montana Democrat
was in a romantic relationship with the woman he nominated
for U.S. attorney, the Associated Press reports.

It's Ok Max -Just keep fighting for health care reform -AND - Keep It Up!