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Thursday, December 03, 2009

Elin Woods To Attend Ora Sexl Boot Camp -For Tiger

"I blame myself completely for Tiger's extra marital transgressions" Mrs. Woods tearfully confessed to digibandit reporter Elise Mandelbaun.

"He was just dying for some great head -and i denied him"

"Was he getting it from his girlfriend" Asked Mandelbaum.

"Oh yes -he told me she could suck the chrome off a trailer hitch"

"Why didn't you step up to the plate -so to speak?" asked Mandelbaum.

"Well his thing was so big and black - it just looks like some kinda snake and it scared me!"

Mrs. Woods went on;"But in Oral Boot Camp they teach you how to deal with these things

"I'm going to the same one that Hillary Clinton graduated from - and she said it saved her marriage - and Bill doesn't cheat around anymore-BUT she graduated at the HEAD of her class

"I hope i can do well and i'm gonna suck my heart out tryin!"

"Best of luck" said Mandelbaum "Just keep your head down and do your best"