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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Tiger Woods Fled Nagging Wife That Night

Tiger's next door neighbor's heard his wife screaming; "Go ahead run you coward! - humping your wife like a stallion takes a lot more courage than driving a golf ball three hundred yards! Doesn't it?"

Woods' next door neighbors -Moyna and Moishe Pipick said "She is always ragging on him to love her the way he does his golfing But Saturday night Tiger had had enough of her crap -and he ran out and jumped in his Caddy and screamed

" My Momma was right about not marrying a honky bitch! -And i wouldn't fuck you with my caddie's dick!"

Moishe Pipick exclaimed"I heard her screaming that the only hole he cares about is on a golf green -And -that he better give her some "Long Driving" or she was gonna fuck the pool boy to death~"

"And then he smashed into the fire hydrant"

Pipick went on"I mean- is that any way to talk to such a menchy guy like Tiger?"

"Menchy schmenchy!" said Monya Pipick -"If you were gone night and day and didn't take care of MY needs - I would fuck your cousin Manny withb the big schlonger1`"

Moishe asked Monya "What BIG Schlonger?"

"The one his wife Elise is always bragging about!"

Well - you can always rely on the neighbors when the Cops and the Media can't get to the heart of the matter.