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Friday, October 05, 2012

Casting Call for new Fox Reality Show - Become a Star

Casting Call: ITZ Media Group is now casting for two reality shows on behalf of two major cable networks: the first show is seeking Spanish "Kardashian" type families featuring three or more sisters who are fun, confident and sexy and love to suck cocks. 

And it would be great if your parents or step parents live near you; Florida is the ideal location but not necessary.  Please send photos, bios and brief descriptions of your lives with your sisters, your occupations and if you own a porno company or are starting a porno  business and how many men you are willing to have anal sex with in two hours..  

Similar to Mob Wives, the second show is seeking women who are in some way related to Cartels  this could be wives, girlfriends, mistress', daughters, moms, cousins, etc. The show is seeking strong and opinionated women who have been convicted of assault and battery and charged with murder. 

Please send nude photos and a bio including how you are related to or are friends with members of a cartel.  Applicants for both shows can send emails to: digibandit@foxtv.com