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Wednesday, October 03, 2012

The Slaughter Zombies are Back in The Mountains

Spotted the advance of these killer beasts in the form of a man dressed in combat fatigues today while hiking on Sawmill Mountain near my home in Pine Mountain Ca. He was armed with a bow and arrows and accompanied by a pack of dogs whose purpose is to tree a Black Bear who will then suffer the agonizing experience of a razor sharp   -three headed hunting arrow - entering him or her.

Why and for what?

Our Hunter Hero probably has a shitty job - a drinking and or drug and or anger management problem - hasn't gotten laid in six months  - has little respect or satisfaction in life  BUT after a six pack and cradling his guns and bows in his little room and feeling the  exquisite power that seeps into his dulled brain at the thought of KILLING  -of using these instruments of power - Boy that does the trick - almost:

"Gotta bring that bear home mutilated and dead! -off to Mount Pinos - hell of a ride but well worth it  and The local grocery has 89 different types of beer."

Hey - why the fuck don't you buy a camera and bring back some closeups for the wife and kids to show them what a cool stalker you are -and THEN you can get drunk and watch Football and then abuse your FAMILY - and our BEARS will be happy in their Winter slumber..