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Friday, December 07, 2012

Israeli's Afloat in A Sea of Arab Madness

 Israeli Jet
Monarchs and Despots and Religious Fanaticks and Fascists hold sway over huge populations of illiterate and angry young men and women -and even in the oil fueled richer countries the women are second class citizens and the lower classes are kept at bay by the rich bones the rulers feed to the Mad Mullahs and their fnatical flocks.

 Their Sectarian Violence reminds us of the 130 Year War in Europe  with it's non stop slaughter between Catholics and Protestants EXCEPT among The Arabs it's been going on for 1,500 years and with no signs of the unrelenting butchery between Shia and Sunni diminishing.

It is truly amazing that The Israeli'are still around! -A postage stamp sized Democracy! A Beacon of the brightest light humanity has ever shed on the human condition - from education to science and technology and justice and the humanities BUT most salient is the compassionate and respectful and progressive treatment of ALL members of society -  children and women and the elderly (be they Arab or Jew) and even their criminals:  AND therein by comparison lies the core deficiency inherent in all Arab Societies:

They treat each other mostly as tribal enemies -  and their women and children mostly like total shit - and their minds are inflamed and retarded by Religious leaders who have the intellectual and moral standing of Beasts -Camels!

The core lesson here is a sad one - without Military Superiority no Nation however righteous will ever be secure.