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Monday, January 21, 2013

Free at Last -Thank God Almighty -Free at Last - too Late for MLK

who needs those wimps?
 a girl tried to cornhole me in gym class
Dr. Moishe Pipick, Chief of Evolutionary Science -at The Worldwide Institute of Paleobiological and Genetic Studies -or WIPGS - announced at their headquarters in Berne,Switzerland today:

"Yes it is happening! - Woman are growing cocks!""Yah yah said the Doctor; "It is simple - women are becoming more independent and much stronger and their genes feel threatened that the males will not be able to keep Up (oops a pun) with them biologically -And Zo They defend themselves by letting the girls (heh heh) grow dicks with which to fuck THEMSELVES - and hence take over and be biologically independent from the males"

Elise Mandelbaum - digibandit science reporter asked Dr. Pipick: "Well Doctor - does this mean that men will eventually be dickless."

"Oh ya ya ya! - Absolutely Ms. Mandelbaum! - We already see significant shrinkage in their grapes"

"Grapes?" -Asked Mandelbaum "Oh Ya! -It's what we call balls where i'm from in Bayonne.N.J"

"It's zo zimple"said DR. Pipick - "In about three years -you will be able to fuck YOURSELF!"

"Wow! -That is fantastick -but what will the men do?"

He concluded; " As Martin Luther King would have said:"

"Free at last -Thank God Almighty - Free at last!"