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Friday, January 19, 2007

3D Artist's Totally Amazing Adventure

Sir Vasco De Gama, descendent of the famous Portuguese explorer who circumnavigated the globe in 1672, announced today,at the Explorer's Club in NYC, that Lee Nelson (an award winning animator) had circled the world in a tiny outboard motorboat (9 feet long with a 25 horsepower ancient evinrude motor) he had rented on Catalina Island off the coast of his home in Hollywood.

"It is a triumph of the human spirit and ranks with the greatest exploration achievements in History."

In accepting the Legion Of Explorer's medal, Mr. Nelson stated:

" wow -- i dropped my Swedish hottie off at the dock because she was being an asshole and i got lost in the fog -- and i just kept going -- kinda like Columbus dude."

He went on to say that "sponsorship opportunitiea where rolling in,and a new challenge was forthcoming"

When asked about the best part of his achievement he said "the babes,dude"