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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Tammy Bakker Was A Man

Tammy Faye Bakker, the diminutive and elaborately coiffed gospel singer who, with her first husband, Jim Bakker, built a commercial empire around television evangelism only to see it collapse in sex and money scandals, died Friday at her home near Kansas City, Mo. She was 65.

A secret report leaked to the bandit by an assistant in the Kansas City medical examiners office has disclosed that; "When we laid her out on the table in the morgue we all were in shock! -- She/he had a cock!

"It's always been a running joke that she looked like a drag queen but she was always ranting on about her phony religious bullshit and God hates queers and all that nasty ignorant Christian right crapola" said our secret source. "Who would have thought she was a fucking guy?"

He continued ; "And this definitely confirms what a queer wacko her husband. reverend Jim was -- you know i am now convinced that anyone who says he is a reverend should automatically be considered a sick fuck deep down."

"I wouldn't even be surprised if Reverend Billy Graham was a closet drag queen, which would explain his unusual spiritual relationship with Barbara Bush and her retarded born again son -- our president."

"I wouldn't even be shocked if when they finally lay out that old crone Barbara that she also sported a cock."

"Well,what was Tammy's cause of death?" The bandit morgue reporter asked. The Morgician replied; " I could be wrong, and we have lot's of probing to do -- but their is some evidence that her death was caused by a severe colon infection from a giant dildo vibrator that may have exploded in his asshole"

Boy --those Christan fundamentalists are wild folks!