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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Rudy Giuliani Stars In Remake Of Stephen King's "Dead Zone"

Rudy Giuliani Caught In The spotlight With Baby Bernie Kerick!

"It is always a sad day" , as United States Attorney Michael J. Garcia noted, when a law enforcement official is accused of breaking the law." That is especially true when the official was New York’s top jailer, the head of the nation’s largest police department, and nearly became the chief of a 180,000-member federal department charged with keeping America safe.

What's so scary is that Rudy still stands behind this piece of shit who is a thief and who completely screwed up the training of the Iraqi police force and then abandoned his post and ran back to America.

Rudy reminds me of Greg Stillson in Stephen King's novel "The Dead Zone" --involving an evil fanatic who almost gets elected president by a duped electorate eager to put a "Tough guy" in the White House.The hero of the story can read the future and knows this guy will start a nuclear war so he attemps to assasinate him at a political rally.

His shot misses, but Stillson grabs a baby from a mothers arms and uses it as a shield to protect himself --with the news cameras rolling!

What a sriking simile! - Bernie Keric is Rudy's baby!

Big lesson -- These dangerous men always seem to come along during tough and frightening times when their veiled pathology escapes our understanding and vision.

In Rudy's case this is not about getting rid of homeless people and squeegy men in NYC --this phony could be walking around with a suitcase full of nuclear attack codes -- and talking to his crazy fucking wife while he's got Ahmadinejad on hold. And -if you think he was such a big hero during 911 --why don't you get the NYC Fire Department's take on how he handled the disaster.

Yeah --Rudy has been fabulous when the cameras are rolling -- but he just got caught ------- with Baby Bernie Kerick in his arms!

So now we know!