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Saturday, October 10, 2009

First Concierge Doctors - Now Food Tasters

When it became apparent to rich folks that they had a much better chance of surviving a medical calamity if they had a team of personal physicians standing by 24/7 who were a cut above your average medical butchers -They ponied up wheelbarrows full of cash and signed on Concierge Doctors.

Hey -the rich are not stupid (spoiled -insecure and selfish) but definitely not stupid!

So - now that the chances of becoming a corpse or paralyzed after ingesting -say - a poisoned burger -or a pepper -or some lettuce that was picked by someone who just wiped his ass on his shirt -They are hiring food tasters.

Moishe Pipick -a wealthy orthodontist from Southhampton NY said: "We have an illegal named Maria who tastes everything me or my family eats -And - just last week she dropped like a fly after taking a bite of my wife's caviar with blini."

"What happened to her?" said Elise Mandelbaum -the digibandit health reporter.

"We called our concierge doctor and she was revived - but unfortunately she now has a hunchback!"

'Wow!" said Mandelbaum - But what do you think average folks can do?"

"Let em eat cake" -Replied Mrs.Antoinette Pinsky.