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Monday, October 05, 2009

Talaban Leader Does Stand-Up

SARAROGHA, Pakistan – Flanked by heavily armed fighters, the new leader of the Pakistani Taliban sat on a blue blanket, amiable and relaxed as he cracked jokes and mixed in threats of vengeance for deadly U.S. airstrikes.

One day later, a suicide bomber attacked a U.N. office in Islamabad.

Badda Boom! -laughs all around!

You know iv'e been wondering for some time now if any of these stone age Muslims have any sense of humor?

I mean - did you ever hear an Islamo fascist laugh or tell a joke?

Iv'e always believed that if we could tickle their funny bones in some way it might loosen things up a bit in the Middle East.

Maybe we could start with this new leader of the Talaban who seems to like a joke or two. - SO - let's put some of our best joke writers on the case and see if we can't get a dialogue going here.

"Hey Mufti! -my wife bent over to grab a fig and she farted so loud i thought it was a land mine" - "You should have seen her Burkah fly open - And it was smelling like a burning Hummer!" hahahahahahhahahhaha

"Oh Mufti - and speaking of Hummer - my wife can suck the chrome off a trailker hitch!" hahahahhahha

Oh well - you get my drift - i'll bet a guy like Larry David could have these folks peeing in their pants - And then we'd open Comedy Clubs - and who knows?

Osama might get an agent - a marriage made in heaven!