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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Their Priests Keep Muslims In The Dark Ages - Reformation Long Overdue

We should build a fifty foot stack of Old and New Testaments AND include lots of those Goofy Mormon texts too - Throw in copies of The Dao The Bahgada-Gita -Ancient Buddhist texts --The Talmud and even a ton of Great Western literature AND top it off with a few hundred American Flags AND Throw in some Bra's just for fun:

Pour gasoline on generously -AND light it up at night in front of The White House and dance around it in a great big celebration of American FREEDOM and ENLIGHTENMENT:

A demonstration to the world's wackos (and our homegrown Fundamentalists) THAT;

These are just THINGS - The principles they embody become meaningful only through understanding and culture and law and behavior.
No beheadings No stoning --No calls for indiscriminate armed slaughter -- No psychopathic rhetoric or the maniacal drumbeats of Priests and Prophets.
 WE know the difference between an act of non violent symbolism executed by a group or individual that is not representative of our overall cultural outlook - BECAUSE we have evolved beyond the Dark Ages where Priests decided what was true and absolute and dictated it to an ignorant and repressed rabble.
 We cannot be held hostage to Muslim Fundamentalism!
Just imagine if you had a violent and retarded teenager who threatened to chop you up or stone you to death if you listened to music? - If you didn't wear a body cloak? -If you Criticized a Certain Book? - If you were gay ? --If you had an extramarital affair? -If you watched a sexy movie? -If you wore makeup? If you masturbated? -If you didn't worship HIS god and prophet- The list is endless!
Would you say; "Oh sorry Johnny - that seems a tad unreasonable but ok I really don't want to piss you off"

Hey - if he's bigger and stronger than you - you might want to wait till you're out of the house and seek protection if you can --BUT:

When you are the strongest nation in the history of Civilization -and being existentially threatened by a gang of Bronze age thugs and their sicko Religious leaders?

You throw him out a fucking window!