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Friday, November 02, 2012

The Redneck Wolfkiller's are Back in Wisconsin and Minnesota

 makes me feel like i have a dick

The legalization of wolf hunting in both states was devised to manage a rebounding wolf population after the federal government stopped listing the species as endangered in the region last year. Both have drawn lawsuits from local and national animal rights groups that fear the undoing of nearly four decades of work to restore a healthy number of wolves.

So now the lunatic fringe of the wacko general hunting crowd are hanging around Gun n Ammo shops in Shitburgs all across Wisconsin and minnesota - drinking  their booze and commenting about the "liberal pansy elite Jews " who spoiled all their cruel fun last year.

"Those fucking queer tree huggers kaint stop us this time!" said Wally "small cock" Thatcher" - over at the 'Boise Gun Barrel Bar and Grill' "I promised young Wally Jr. he would get to kill a wolf this season."

"Well hell -the guvernmint ainta gonna stop me nohow!" said Perliss "Pork Fat" Williams, "I'm gonna kill me a wolf -just like that Sarah Palin and her Eskimo husband do - and if'n i see any Jews out there in the woods - they gonna get a bullet too!"

"Hey Yooo!" - "Hee yoo -mah haha!" said small cock - yep - boy would i like to kill a Kike - and i'd put his head over the mantle with his Yomicker still on it"

"Well youd have to take that doe head down to put up the Jew -wuntcha?" said pork fat.

'Small cock replied "Id'd be worth it!"
SO the good ole boys will get all liquored up and do what they do best -kill beautiful animals just because they are fucking morons with no life -  and be cruel to their wives and children.