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Sunday, November 01, 2009

USA Should Offer Prisoners A Corporate BuyOut

OK -Your serving twenty five to life or life without parole (or maybe even apply to ALL sentences?) -AND -have we got a deal for you!

We will pay your designated recipient thirty thousand dollars (tax free) - AND you will get one month at the National Prisoner Pleasure Retreat (NPPS) - located on what the Feds are calling "Eagle Island"

Think of the Eagles great song "Hotel California" with those haunting lyrics 'You can check out but you never leave'

At the conclusion of their one month stay - warm in the glow of the most georgeous and sensuous pleasure providers Uncle Sam can provide (even some female inmate hotties who will get sentence reductions for their service) - And "High as a kite bye now" (as Elton John put it):

An official slips some junk in their martini and it's painlessly over!

The good ole USA taxpayer saves 40k (ave.yearly cost for incarceration) times the number of years the prisoner would have been supported behind bars.

His poor family gets a nice bit of change.

And he goes out with a bang

Hey - It's no different than corporations who offer buyouts -and save billions - to their old and washed up employees:

EXCEPT for the stay on "Eagle Island" which is an awfully nice bonus -and:

One that i'm willing to bet most corporate buyout victims would grab in a minute if Uncle Sam stepped up to the plate with the corporations! - AND - the government would save a ton on Social Security payments. (i mean they do get the martini dessert if they accept the added option) -Options! -Just like with Medicare

"You Can check-out but you never leave"

Another breakthrough concept from the digibandit!