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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Fox TV Announces "The Cheaters" Starring Tiger Woods

"His first guest will be Governor Mark Sanford of South Carolina -and he and Tiger will discuss the power of "Hot Chicks" to pull a decent family loving man off the highroad of fidelity and onto the dark back roads in search of Hot Chicks and Babes"

So said Mike Schlocknell -president of Fox Reality TV and he continued: "Tiger will explore the "Cheating" issue on a worldwide platform with all it's societal and cultural implications -and he will have the greatest "Cheaters" on earth talking with him at exotic posh spots around the globe -and of course he will be surrounded by the "Hot Chicks" - and hopefully the gals left behind (who they replaced).

Tiger said: " I want to do this show to shed light on this difficult challenge to mostly powerful and rich men with a 36 waist or under - and to show that any man with "our" options to get "Hot Chicks" would go for the gold."

Schlocknell concluded the press conference: "Hey -this is gonna be a strong documentary dealing with the root causes of cheating and it's impact on descent god loving families -BUT -we gotta get folks to watch so their will be a lot of tits and ass and partying with Hot Chicks - kinda like the Rich and Famous-at loose on the town - cheating their rich and famous asses off!"