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Monday, January 28, 2013

NRA says "Rocket Launchers Needed For Home Protection"

NRA President David ( ambush dave) Keene has fired up (oops) his membership with the goal of getting congressional approval for private Rocket launcher ownership  -he said:

"We Gun Owners are empowered by the constitution to  form  armed militias BUT back during the Revolution you  only had to protect yourself from muzzle loading muskets and some cannon - BUT NOW - if some gang banger comes at us with an Uzi in an armor plated SUV -or The Government rolls in - or the Illegals or Jews throws armored vehicles against us:

 Wayne and Elmo La Pierre -NRA Executives
"We need heavy firepower to protect our loved ones -AND I'm not asking for private air or naval neighborhood defenses (yet ha ha) BUT-We sure as shit need some Rocket Launchers! AND some mobile field artillery."

He concluded: "So let your pinko gun hating representatives know that they will face a tsunami of NRAPAC moola comin at em if they fuck with us on this one - and next year we are going forward with our plan to put a 50 caliber machine gun in every Church Tower and School in America with all white congregations and students."

"Stay alert!"